Nurdan Tokoz

"She coached me and guided me through a fantastic journey as I discovered things about myself, my life, my deep feelings and emotions, my relationships.  The more I discovered and became aware, the more I loved myself, my life, my house, my husband, my new job.  Her energy and passion were amazing, and I felt the same energy.  Every session was a discovery and each time I left the meeting feeling lighter, brighter. I was looking forward to meeting with her again wondering what was going to come up this time.  Everything went in its natural flow. Betty Mae was a very trustworthy and a brilliant guide helping me to walk through each stage by building my awareness and providing techniques to use to overcome barriers, fears, unreal limitations.  I would recommend her retreats, workshops, one-and-one sessions to change the way you look at life and to be happy and grateful. Thank you, Betty Mae. "