I am gathering a group of influencers who are ready to move forward together. This nourishing, transformative space of non-judgement will support your journey to that which you are seeking, and is more easily traversed in the company of supportive, like minded seekers.  We will swipe away those energetic blocks getting in the way of feeling well, and free: money blocks, body pain & discomfort, relationship challenges, and mental madness. Imagine having enough time, energy and peace to be able to discern what works for you.

Refocus at Bella Arbor

Enjoy the 15 acres of this sprawling country estate, with running creek, water-lily pond, and the iron bridge that has become a popular photo destination.

There are at least 50 species of trees in this Carolinian Forest, giving it the name Bella Arbor.

Walk in the woods!

Connect to nature.

Know thyself deeply through transformational conversations.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to see you feeling fully alive!



Bootcamp Themes


Perspective Shifts, Presence & Possibilities

Do you need to open your mind and heart to a whole new way of  creating the life you deeply desire?  What if it wasn't about hard work and slogging, but was about receiving and perceiving.  

The retreat to top all retreats; presenting the deepest shifting from all 6 retreats in one location; a weekend of transformation at Bella Arbor.

Obliterate Overwhelm  

Are you trying to function from FRAZZLE? Is Stress running your life? Discover how to apply your BUSY BRAIN to your advantage. Learn fresh new ways of living with greater relaxation, an uncluttered brain, and brighter perspective.

Wealth Health; Have it all

Is it time to break through the glass ceiling on your Money Flows?  Discover the #1 money block you never knew you had.

Impossible to Possible

Do you want to break through your life's Single Biggest Challenge?  

What's that one struggle, that if you could change it, would ripple through your whole life and make everything better? Does it seem impossible to change? Have you tried "everything", and it still has not changed?

What if it was easier than you ever thought possible.... would you want to know HOW?? If you want to stop with the "Impossible" and move toward freedom, happiness and ease in a way that equips and energizes you, join me.

Ask; and it shall be given

What’s the secret code to learn how to placing an order with the universe?  (spoiler alert: we will not be sitting around incanting affirmations and pretending to be positive)  

You’ll discover that being in a state of curiosity and wonder is much more effective than finding a right answer. And through this, you’ll create new realities.

Ideal Scene

If money was not an issue, what do you REALLY want?  What do you deeply desire, and do you know how to get there?