Powerful Transformation

I just loved being in your essence last week and connecting with everyone at your retreat. I am so grateful that we have been brought together.The transformation has been so powerful. Betty Mae Glen your gifts are insanely awesome. Just sayin.

Wishing you a fabulous day. Thank you for all you do and who you are, and for another mind blowing time! #yourock



Invaluable Tools

I truly love the energy emanating from all of these emails, and all your emails Betty!!! I have been using your tools on SO many levels, with daily interactions, relationships, conversations with family, etc and wow the concept is incredible!! Not even ALLOWING a point of view from someone else - and even ourselves- to stick to us at all, and not allowing it to take up space in our minds let alone our bodies!!

I love love love it Betty. I have stopped apologizing for not getting back to people and instead saying THANK YOU! Thank you for being patient with me, Thank you for understanding i need time to gather myself lately. NO. MORE. GUILT. 😎

I have finally gotten caught up a bit again and feel absolutely incredible. No more procrastinating and then feeling guilty!! That's not self love right there!!




She has a Super Power

Simply having a conversation with Betty will make you a better person. Her philosophies, her insights, her wisdom is something to aspire to. Betty's 'super power' is her way of projecting sincere, and honest empathy for people and life in general. She inspires others by her positivism and confidence and that her work is simply a natural extension of her inner being. I have learned from Betty in the short time we've worked together what takes some people a lifetime to realize. I highly recommend Betty, in any ventures she may take on, for anyone who wants to do or be better as a human being.



Rewiring The Brain

I've been 'working' (it doesn't feel like work) with Betty Mae since last year and I have to say that I have never seen such major transformation happen so quickly. I've read all the self-help stuff, had doses of therapy and was still feeling stuck in many areas.

When I first met Betty, I was struggling with some serious anxiety issues. After only ONE session, the anxiety and panic disappeared completely. I have experienced this phenomenon over and over again whether it be in a one-on-one session or a retreat with Betty. She is able to rewire the brain which not only deletes major road blocks but shifts perspective... FAST.

If you're struggling with anything...physical, emotional, mental or spiritual... Betty can transform it like no one else can. I cannot believe how free I feel at this point in my life after decades of struggle.



Unlimited Possibilities

I have used Betty's services for close to a decade; at first on a weekly basis and then more recently on a biweekly. She seamlessly weaves in several different disciplines such as Cranio Sacral Therapy, Access Consciousness and used the Neuroscope to expedite the healing of my emotional & psychological health in addition to a permanent neck impairment. Initially when I went to Betty I was in such severe physical and psychological pain, both of which had dismal prognosis. Betty's technique goes well beyond the physiological and enters the neurological realms where habitual mindless thought processes (habits) are challenged, if you are in allowance of receiving this aspect.

After my sessions I found that I become even more creative and focused on Inspirations rather than hiding behind the Illusion of Fears. My body and mind felt lighter and for the first time in my life I became at Peace with who I am. This lead to increased confidence and success in endeavors that previously I would have never attempted. Betty's words, insights and wisdom are guaranteed to seep and permeate through you like a fine complex marinade! To understand the breadth of her impact you must experience session(s) with Betty. It will be well worth the investment you make.


Amanda Stark.jpg.jpeg

Cranio- Sacral Therapy has been one of the most significant forms of assistance since my catastrophic brain injury 20yrs ago. Not only has it been the most effective modality of support, but it has been my most consistent form of therapy over the years, having been incredibly impactful in the areas of pain management and self-awareness. Betty's coaching and support through cranio-sacral work was an integral part of my life during a very stressful time. Her words of encouragement and inspiration have continued to influence my day-to-day thought-life even years after our regular work together.



"She makes you a better person."

Betty Mae….actually changed my brain in one conversation! I know what you’re thinking; impossible. I thought so too.

Having a “stressful job” is a term I’ve not used. I love work. I love “stress”… I thrive on it, truly. I find I function at a higher level when over-stimulated. Recently, I’ve had several life changes (over about a year and a half time-frame), all welcome ones, but several extraneous circumstances collided with these changes causing a level of stress that I apparently was not ready, or equipped, to deal with.

Betty Mae gave me something simple to start with. Count 10 breaths. NOT fancy ones….you don’t have to stand on your head…..nothing strange involved; just breathe. Oh, and count to 10 at the same time. NO PROBLEM!, I thought…. I couldn’t do it. I felt so stressed out, all the time, (even when I wasn’t sleeping!) that I could only count 3 of my breaths before my brain & mind took back over.

Betty Mae gave me the mental tools, thoughts, ideas & internal dialogues to get a hold of my own brain!
This is the best part: I did it in 24 hours. I am more effective at the breaths and thoughts now & have very different conversations with myself, AND I SLEPT!!
Thank you Betty Mae…. you made a difference in a very challenging point in my life.