MONEYFLOW (video & audio)


There may be some money blocks hiding in your nervous system. Money is literally tied to us, physically, and you know this by paying attention to your body when you think about money.

Let's try.

Visa bill.

Are you smiling right now or are you about to throw up?

Back to the nervous system. We've actually taught our body and our system some habits that aren't really all that healthy. The great news is we can change our habits, so how? We just have to practice new ones, we have to become aware of what the old ones are. We've already started the process. You got to see what your body's response was when you thought about your Visa bill.

Anytime now, when you think about money, notice how your body feels. Does it feel like, "Yes! Money! I love money!"? Or, does it feel like, "Oh, I just don't have enough"? Is there a tensing and a tightening in your solar plexus, in your gut? If there is, alls we do is we just soften. We just soften where the hard parts are. We just let it all go. If there's heart palpitations, just do a few deep breaths. Just some slow breathing, that's it. If you actually go into panic, try some forest bathing. You can Google it.

 I'm Betty Mae, inciting your brilliance.