Everybody thinks January is where it all starts. It’s not.

February is when things happen.

Why does this even matter? Well, it is very important because it concerns your health for the rest of the year.

Our minds and bodies follow a rhythm that is driven by the seasons among other things. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

But something else hardens this rhythm. It creates a rigidity that doesn’t help us.

It’s called: The January-Effect.

It can freeze us up like winter ice.

The January-Effect. It all happens with the flip-over of the calendar. We’ve constructed it this way. We organize our taxes this way, for goodness’ sake. School. Expiration dates. All kinds of things.

We have built up such a great weight of expectations. I feel it each year, and so have many of my clients.

How about you?

Even those of us who aren’t “into” new year’s resolutions are subject to this. It’s almost unavoidable.

Out with the old. In with the new. Sounds good in theory. A fresh start. And so we party. Then climb on the Elliptical.

But then we feel the weight of it.

A new… what? Resolution? Dream? Hope? Start? Success? Relationship? Diet? Never mind the weather. What we started seems daunting. Our bodies tell us we’re tense. We don’t necessarily like it. It may not feel good. Where is this all going anyhow?

And so…February.

February is where you write and re-write scripts in your life. After the start-up, it’s the taking hold of something that matters.

February – really, truly – is where you make the difference and set the stage for improved health and wellbeing.

This is about equipping yourself to continually live more freely, more lightly... and just plain feel better at work and at home.

In the over 30 years I’ve been a therapist, one thing has become abundantly clear. You and I are “whole” beings. Our health is a “whole” issue. Where the mind goes the body follows.

Heart and Body. And habits.

Simply starting something isn’t sufficient. But transforming something is a whole other basket of fruit!

Ready for some health transformation that lasts?

Love Betty