Are some people luckier than others?

Things just seem to land for them. They make more money more easily. They’re shinier or healthier. They’re…happier?

Hmmm. With all respect to the Irish, I beg to differ.

You’ve got way more power than that. You can, shall we say, make your own luck.

But really, it’s not luck.

It’s about healing. And a full life.

You have so much going for you that it’s possible to actually heal your own body and – this may sound strange but – heal your finances.

“Betty, for a down-home kinda girl, you’re out on a limb here. And who even uses the terms ‘healing’ and ‘money’ in the same sentence?”

Bear with me a minute longer. This gets interesting. And there’s something in it for you!

What does the health of your body and heart have to do with the health of your money? Everything. Absolutely everything.

In fact, I can hold them both together in one hand. That’s how closely related they are.

Let me ask you this: if you could have a better relationship with your money, would you? (You may not even know what that means exactly, but you like the idea of it.)

What about your relationship with your body? Are you tight? Or is there a sweet flow of energy?

Are you tight with money? Or does it flow with ease?

Hmm. What if money is not the problem…

…what if receiving is the issue?

How are you at receiving a compliment? Do you push it away, or receive it with ease? How are you at receiving kindness? Appreciative or…? What about receiving anger… hmmmm not so great, right?

Oh, so you are willing to receive some things… but what about money?

Is your subconscious attuned to lack of things? You say to yourself, I lack…



…a fast enough car

…a big enough house

…ease in my body

…height for my weight.

Is your subconscious telling you that you lack things? Or are you FULL… full of ease, joy, peace?

“Enough questions, Betty! You’ve got my attention!”

Imagine creating a life where it actually felt good to think about money. What if you never had money anxiety again and you didn't have to win the lottery to get there. And what if you found ease in many other parts of your life as well.

I have clients experiencing this every week. It’s real. It’s practical. And it’s something you can create in your life, in your heart, in your body.