What's your unchangeable?

That thing.

That belief.

That immovable roadblock in your life…

…the failsafe weakness or persistent malady or unassailable obstacle or tiresome relationship or magnetic negative that just won’t… 

…won’t… won’t… ever… ever… 

…ever… change?

Take a pause. For a half a minute. (You owe yourself that much.)

Just pick one unchangeable. And let’s get you started on something amazing. Here. Now.

Let your body and subconscious and life experiences speak back to you if you’re having trouble naming something. And don’t browbeat yourself for having an unchangeable. It goes without saying for all of us that we remain stuck in things.


It’s what you do about them that matters. It all starts with how you allow yourself the space to approach it. So, walk up to it. Reintroduce yourself. Become conscious of it. Shine a flashlight under the bed.

Answer me this:

What is it that you accept as being fixed in place, which you’ve become so convinced you’ll likely never get past?

You’ve tried every diet.

You’ve wandered from one job to the next.

You’ve given up ever getting out of debt.

You’ve bounced around every dating site.

You’ve dreamed of chasing your dream but it really is only a dream.

You’ve tested all the tricks to get along with your mother-in-law, co-worker, boss, kids.

You simply wake up feeling the same way, every day, always and forever.

What is it for you?

Maybe your unchangeable is something that has been sitting in the background of your mind, day after day, perhaps subtly, perhaps not so subtly, nagging away. It’s not even a conscious thought of your own making, this idea that you “can’t change it”. It’s actually sitting much deeper than your thoughts. You’ve never tried to change it because you believe it can’t be changed, and even if it could be changed, you don’t have the foggiest idea where to start.

My client Darren* said exactly that. He didn’t know who he’d even talk to. I said, try me! So he talked to me about his history and beliefs around money. Then I asked him to complete the following sentence:

“I can’t change my relationship with Money because…”

And he answered:

“Well… because… I’ve actually never consciously tried… to be honest.”

Darren recognized a discomfort sitting on his back burner. It had been there for years; as long as he could remember. It ebbed and flowed, but was always there. It gnawed at him, but he was too busy to address it. Until I cornered him. (Warning to you unsuspecting change-maker-wanna-be’s!)

Another client, Julie* had a rocky relationship with her sister, and the discomfort of this always sat on the back burner of her brain, stealing her energy. She was not aware of it stealing her energy, nor did she think it was that big a deal, it was just ‘one of those things’… one of those things that could never change.

She wasn’t entirely conscious that it was one of those things that could never change, so she never tried to change it. And even deeper, what if she tried to change it and failed…. No, no, no, she must not set herself up for failure; better to just pretend it’s not so bad. She just allowed it to sit there and steal her energy. No wonder she was depleted, fatigued, and pretending to be ‘over-happy’ to compensate for how she actually felt.

But wait.

Uh oh… it just moved to the front burner. Now here’s our next problem: what if I try to change it… but I can’t?!!!


Is your life ‘pretty good’, and you don’t want to rock that boat; you feel that trying to change this unchangeable would be ‘a lot of hard work’, and afterall, life is pretty good… how much effort am I really willing to put into this?

What if I told you that the energy required to hold that ‘impossible’ in place is costing you dearly in Joy, Ease, and Freedom. Imagine the creative energy that could be released if this was no longer tightening your brain and body…. Ahhhh, you can already feel it, right?

Are you already starting to feel what it would be like to change it? Imagine. 

That, my friends, is what we call an energetic shift!

Nothing external has changed since you started reading this, right?? So we need to change the inside to get a different result on the outside. Getting from impossible to possible. It’s deep in meaning and very practical in process. It’s real, and it can be real for you.

Unlock your Freedom!